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Jabra Evolve2 75 – It’s time for an upgrade!

Jabra is well-known for manufacturing high quality, professional sounding headsets for use in business.

When they released the Evolve2 75, it was an immediate best seller. And, for a lot of good reasons.

Professional sound qualilty

From the very first call, it's easy to see, or I should say, hear, how good it sounds. Not only do you come across loud, clear and professional, but the microphone does an amazing job at removing unwanted background noise which is something your callers will appreciate.

Speakers to impress

While many headsets give you small, ordinary sounding speakers, Jabra stepped things up with the Evolve2 75. It comes with chunky 40 mm speakers for a solid sounding listening experience. Yes, you'll get that bass bump you want, but you'll also get pleasing mids, and sharp highs which makes taking a break from business a real pleasure.


Active Noise Cancellation is a standard feature on the Evolve2 75. So when noise in your work area starts to rise, activate ANC, and you'll notice that distracting noise fades away. You keep your concentration, and you get more done.


This is another one of those features that's showing up more and more on business headsets. If you want to hear your surroundings, or have a face-to-face conversation with someone while wearing the headset, you can. And by the way, you won't need to remove the headset to do these things.

Press a button on the headset to activate the external microphones to hear what you want, and press it again to resume what you were doing.


The battery is pretty stout giving you up to 36 hours of listening, and 24 hours of talk time. A recharge takes 160 minutes, and you'll probably only need to recharge the battery once a week. One less thing on your daily list of things to do.

Short mic boom

The microphone boom is shorter than many others, which is nice because a lot of people don't like long, bulky looking microphnes.

Flip up the mic to mute it, and flip it back down to unmute. And if you're receiving an incoming call, flipping the boom down allows you to take the call.

There's a compartment that stores it out of sight when it's not needed, which is nice. 


The Jabra Evolve2 75 was designed to be a comfortable headset, and from what I can tell, it looks like they hit the mark.

The ear cushions were constructed from two different materials, one being memory foam that conforms to the shape of your ear, and the other is a slightly more rigid material designed to refract sound, so you don't hear as much of the background noise.

The headband is not only adjustable to fit you correctly, but it's very nicely padded across the top and sides. So no matter where the headband might touch you, it's comfortable all the way around.


The Evolve2 75 is designed to be used with desktop and laptop computers, but also mobile devices. It can store up to 8 connections, and keep two active simultaneously. So toggling between two connected devices is seamless, and quick.

The Evolve2 75 gives you the choice of ordering it with a USB A, or USB C adapter. This way, you can match the right adapter to your specific computer port.

Having the adapter means a better, more stable connection, better sound quality, longer wirleless range, and with some UC Apps, remote call answering.

There's more to this advanced headset besides what I've noted here, but know this; the Evolve2 75 is a headset you should consider seriously. It's comfortable, professional sounding, removes a lot of unwanted background noise, has some incredible features, and is backed by Jabra, and Headset Advisor, so you can't go wrong.