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Why Partner with Headset Advisor?

Teamwork makes the bank account bigger!

As an expert in communication hardware, we extend our expertise to technology consultants, offering them the chance to provide high-quality hardware to their clients. Our partnership program is simple: Just refer and earn!

Partner Program Steps:

  • Introduce your client via email, phone, or web portal.
  • We handle all the fact finding, presenting, and closing.
  • You get paid.

We take care of all the logistics, returns, warranty issues, so you can focus on growing your business. Remember, “Teamwork makes the bank account bigger!”

Why Work with Headset Advisor?

  • We are the experts. We are the leading provider of communication products to businesses in the United States. We have over 25,000 business professionals, IT professionals, business owners, and enthusiasts following. We have over 700 5-star Google reviews and are highly rated.
  • We make it easy. It’s easy to become a Headset Advisor Partner. Simply introduce us to your clients and we’ll do the rest. We’ll handle all the logistics, returns, and warranty issues, so you can focus on growing your business.
  • We pay you well. We offer our partners a generous commission on all sales. You can earn 10% on the total gross sales of any customers you refer for the LIFE of the customer not just one time.
  • We’re a great partner. We’re always looking for ways to help our partners succeed. We offer ongoing training and support, and we’re always available to answer your questions.

Check Out What Our Partners Have To Say

We, at OnX Solutions, have been looking for a new equipment provider that pays commission and makes ordering fast and easy. Cooper Johnson and the team at Headset Advisor did an excellent job in providing just that! I placed my order with Cooper for a large order of Yealink phones for one of our customers and they had the phones on our office doorstep within a week! After they were delivered, I can now login to their very easy to use portal to view the commissions I’ll be earning. I’m excited that I found Headset Advisor!

Skylar Glisson Partner / Co-owner | OnX Solutions

From the first interaction, Cooper displayed unparalleled professionalism and genuine care for our client's needs. His consultative approach is truly remarkable, as he takes the time to understand each client's unique requirements, ensuring that they receive the perfect headset solution tailored to their specific demands. He has an in-depth understanding of the various headsets available in the market, which allows him to guide us and our clients to make well-informed decisions. Whether recommending the latest models or helping with compatibility concerns, Cooper consistently goes above and beyond to provide us with the necessary information to deliver the best possible solutions. Cooper's expertise and dedication have been instrumental in transforming how we serve our clients and source headsets. We love working with Headset Advisors and look forward to growing our partnership well into the future.

Alex Cooley ATC

Cooper and his team are super responsive and insanely flexible with our clients which makes for a great experience all the way around. If you have clients that want multiple options while having the flexibility to test them out prior to buying them, Cooper and Headset Advisors should be towards the top of the list of people you call first.

Tim VanderMel Global Technology Advisor C3

“Honest, Reliable, knowledgeable” As a technology advisor, I position leading, bleeding solutions for my clients every day. Unfortunately a lot of the suppliers I work with don’t offer headsets with their products and services. That’s when I turn to Cooper and the team at Headset Advisor. He’s honest, reliable, and knowledgeable, and I know that when I engage him on an opportunity, he’ll take great care of me. Highly recommend these guys!

Joe Williams Senior Vice President, Advisory Services

"I love working with Cooper and his team at Headset Advisor! They take all of the guesswork out of what products to select. With the experts involved, no more issues due to missing a necessary piece of hardware to satisfy the customer's needs. Whenever a customer asks for headsets, I simply add Cooper to the email and he and his team take over. I know I can count on them!"

Monica Ward Enterprise Account Executive

So who is Headset Advisor?

We are the largest B2B headset content creators in the United States.

You may find it bold, but with 25,000+ business professionals, IT professionals, business owners, and enthusiasts following us, we can proudly say we are at the top.

Over 700 5-Star Google Reviews

Since our inception, we have been consistently providing quality communication products including headsets, phones, and video conferencing solutions to businesses nationwide. Our commitment to excellence has garnered us over 700 5-star Google reviews.

Our community of 25,000+ professionals trust us as the go-to authority for everything related to communication hardware.

In addition to our broad followership, we boast over 900 educational videos on our YouTube channel, offering product reviews, tips and tricks, and other valuable content.

We have served some of the biggest names in the industry, including Dignity Health, State of California, and Morgan Stanley.

A Few of Our Most Popular Headset Brands

So why wait? Start earning from your referrals today.

Let Headset Advisor do the heavy lifting, while you enjoy the profits!

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Headset Advisor Services

We provide a range of communication products, from headsets to video conferencing solutions that are available in either a purchase or lease option.

Business Headsets

With the largest selection of wired and wireless headsets for business we're able to find the best solutions for any system a client has and meet their budget requirements.

Office Phones

Often time many service providers don't provide compensation on the phone hardware, we provide Poly, Yealink, Grandstream and more brands and you earn commissions.

Video Conferencing Solutions

With distributed workforces it can be confusing on what video system will work best and meet the audio and video needs of conference rooms or home offices. We'll analyze the customers situation and make video conferencing recommendations.

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